Open Source Funding

We want to help Cardano help people and give back to the open source community

Our careers are built almost only on open source and we saw this as an excellent opportunity to give back to the community in many ways. A fun technical challenge, a project sprung out of solving some real world issues and to tie everything together a way for us to give some back to open source community!

We are proud to be the first, as we know, all Swedish Cardano Stake Pool! The stake pool is hosted at one of Swedens biggest hosting providers with all the gizmos and gadgets you might want. The SPO team has 30+ years together in the hosting business and will use all of his craft to keep this Stake Pool stable and secure.

We want your help! Stake with us and help us chose which open source projects we should sponsor this epoch! Without you staking with us there's no rewards to give! 


What to come

We want our loyal delegators staking with us to pick and vote for and we'll use 20% of our rewards to sponsor that project. Delegators rewards will NOT be affected by this, it will come from the rewards given to the pool of course!

We'll of course only sponsor projects with ADA to support and spread the use and knowledge of ADA and the Cardano project.

Voting is yet to be implemented but so is rewards, hopefully it'll go hand in hand and be a reality soon.


Projects on the shortlist

Until we have built the voting system and we have delegators able to vote this will be our chosen sponsored projects